Monday, January 18, 2010

Adjust Schedule Post article on Blogger

Creating an article every day was not difficult enough, but that makes it difficult to do a post every day is a time and our mood to write an article every day. And to get the traffic and was its index of our blog on Google one of them is to post every day.

But to overcome this, bloggers have also provided post schedule which allows us to set a schedule for delivery of the article published ..

To be able to obtain these services is to go to page draft blogger who can be accessed at

How to make the timely posting:

1. our first blogger to log on
2. open
3. posting area, select the "post options"
4. directed at post time settings by selecting "schedule at"
5. input the date and time to display posts that will be made
6. when we press the publication of the article will automatically perform the delivery schedule was given.

With this method so we can keep articles up-to-date even though we are not in a condition allows to write an article
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