Saturday, December 19, 2009

Turning off Autoplay and Autorun function on Windows

Autorun and Autoplay function in Windows can be a gap in the entry of viruses into the operating system when the virus infects the Autorun feature, essentially all of our applications that will install on computers using the Autorun function so that we can turn it off and use it manually.

How to turn off the Autorun and Autoplay feature on the windows can take a few steps below:
• Click the Start menu and Run
• Then in the open field so that typing gpedit.msc will appear the windows group policy as shown below.

• Then click Administrative templates contained in the computer configuration and then double click the existing system in the next

• Locate the turn off autoplay and then double-click

• The next step is the setting tab, select enable then to pull down on the field turn off autoplay on: select all drives to turn off the auto play on all drives. Then click OK if it is.

• Then do the same thing on the menu contained administrative templates under user configuration
• Now restart your computer

Well now you have windows safe from viruses, performance becomes lighter and faster.

NB: to enable re-use of the above and select disenable turn off pop-up auto play properties
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